International School Groningen

The International School Groningen (ISG) is a school located on the campus of Maartens College. The ISG offers an international curriculum to students between the ages of 11 and 19. Students from Maartenscollege can do their last two years at the ISG in an international environment, in the IB Diploma Program (DP).

The Maartens College and the ISG complement each other and cannot do without each other.

The Maartens needs the ISG as a major source of expertise for teaching English and working with the IB didactics in the Middle Years Programme.

Conversely, the ISG needs the Maartens for sports and science classrooms and for part of its teaching staff. The Maartens provides an important inflow of students for the ISG.

We are proud that the Maartens College and the ISG together can provide a clear, attractive and unique offer of secondary education in the region.

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