Mission and Vision Statement

‘Education is the foundation for a better world.’

Maartenscollege is an IB World School that offers international and bilingual education at the mavo, havo and vwo levels. In this way we put our mission, education is the basis for a better world, into practice every day.

We train our students to be world citizens who play an active and involved role in an international society. At Maartens we teach our students not only facts, but also how those facts are connected. They can look at things from different perspectives and learn to speak and write English (almost) as well as Dutch. In the projects that our students develop, social responsibility and global themes such as peace and sustainability recur again and again.

Furthermore, we find it important to support our students in their personal development. They leave our school with much more than a fitting diploma. They receive a broad basis to be able to function flexibly in this rapidly changing society. They have become critical and responsible world citizens with respect for themselves and others. They have developed confidence in their own strengths and have a strong moral compass.

Furthermore, we find it important that our students have a super fun time in Secondary School. A time they later look back on with great pleasure, realizing that the school has been important for how they now stand in life.