Working at Maartenscollege and the International School Groningen

Maartenscollege is a relatively small school with about 110 teachers and around 850 students where a positive and collegial working atmosphere prevails. Together with the 30 teachers and 180 students at the ISG, we enable our students to become lifelong learners.

At the ISG, English is the language of instruction and the language of communication.

At Maartenscollege, approximately half of the subjects in Lower Secondary are taught in English and joint meetings of ISG and Maartens faculty are conducted in English. However, the national examinations are in Dutch; Dutch is the language of instruction in Upper Secondary, and Dutch is the language of communication in most Maartens faculty meetings. Applications for teaching vacancies at Maartenscollege must therefore be willing to learn both English and Dutch, because both are used as languages of communication at the school. Teachers with no working knowledge of Dutch would be better placed at the ISG. Teachers with no working knowledge of English would be better placed at regular Dutch Secondary Schools.

Working at Maartenscollege means working at an IB World School where, in the first three or four years, we work according to the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB). This programme emphasises intercultural understanding, real-world relevance and enrichment. In this way, we aim to provide students with a challenging and versatile education. So that, as future adults, they will be able to create a better world through intercultural communication, understanding and respect. More on this at In concrete terms, this means that in lessons we let students learn by working together a lot in different and frequent projects, often also in interdisciplinary units of inquiry. Students start from a ‘problem’ and set up their own research in this. They present their findings and receive extensive feedback in each subject. Teachers have a clear coaching role here and also develop their own teaching materials for this purpose.  (More information on the MYP can be found in our school guide.)

We are looking for internationally-minded colleagues who are passionate about student learning, and who are willing to adopt the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning. Because we believe it is important for our students to be open to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, we welcome applications from all backgrounds. Dutch or English as a first language is not a requirement for a teaching position, unless stated in the vacancy.

All vacancies can be viewed via Carmel’s site,