A successful connection

Last weekend was all about our anniversary and reunion. The kick-off was Thursday in the Salvator church. On Friday morning, there were very diverse workshops in and outside the school about which students were very enthusiastic. They made music, practised yoga and showed their creativity in various ways. Meanwhile, the walls at the staircase entrance were wallpapered with photos from the workshop ‘Making a selfie together’ in which everyone was able to participate over the past few months. (see photo)

Saturday was the daytime reunion at the Oosterpoort, but a lot of former students also boarded the bus to have another look at the school and take lessons from their the teachers of yesteryear. In the evening, our current students were together with former students at the Oosterpoort to meet and enjoy performances by colleagues and students, past and present. Headline acts were Orange Skyline and Bente. It was a great success that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Oog TV was also present and spoke with the rector: https://www.oogtv.nl/2022/10/maartenscollege-viert-75-jarig-bestaan-met-reunie-fijn-om-die-gezichten-van-toen-weer-te-zien/